Take Away Menu

ENTREE all gluten free except samosa
Vegetable Samosa (2 pcs)triangular pastry filled with lightly spiced potatoes & peas $6.60
Pakora Mix Flavour (2 pcs Each)spinach, potato and onion fritters $6.60
Onion Bhaji (6 pcs)onion fritters made with a lentil batter $6.60
Sikandari Raantender lamb pieces marinated in a dash of rum and kashmiri spices, pan friedEntree $12.90 Main $18.90
“TANDOOR “THE GREAT INDIAN BARBECUE”” from our classic charcoal fired clay oven
Fresh Mushrooms “woodland mushrooms marinated in traditional yoghurt based sauce” Entree $9.50 Main $14.50
Seekh-Kebab fine minced lamb kebab Entree $10.90 Main $16.50
Lamb Cutlets overnight marinated spring lamb cutlets Entree $15.90 Main $23.90
Chicken Tikka boneless chicken pieces $9.90 Main $14.90
Tandoori Chicken a world renowned dish Half $11.90 Full $18.90
Tandoori Gourmet mixed Platter mixture of tandoori items $26.90
Fish Tikka lightly spiced and marinated rockling fish Entree $14.90 Main $22.50
Tandoori PrawnsEntree $17.90 Main $25.90
Tandoori Gobi marinated and cooked in tandoor cauliflower Entree $9.50 Main $14.50
Mixed Raita cucumber and carrot mixed with yoghurt & spices $3.20
Pappadam (4 pcs) tandoor baked crispy thin lentil crackers $2.50
Kachumber Indian salad with dressing $4.90
Achar Chutney (Each) “mango – mint – tamarind – mixed pickle” $2.20
MAIN COURSE – THE CLASSIC CURRIES all gluten free available with Chicken/Lamb/Beef
Vindaloo (Hot) hot goan speciality – all time favourite $14.90
Madras (Mild) coconut based curry – South Indian delight $14.90
Masala (Medium) cooked with diced capsicum and onion in tomato based sauce $14.90
Jaalfrezi (Medium) panfried with chilli – onion – capsicum $14.90
Korma cooked in mildly spiced creamy cashewnut gravy $14.90
Saag (Mild) prepared in spinach puree finished with cream & aromatic spices $14.90
Butter Chicken chicken tikka cooked in tomato & cream sauce $13.90
Chicken Curry (Mild) home style chicken curry $14.90
Chicken Kali Mirch – Signature Dish (Medium) black pepper chicken $15.90
Dhaniya Chicken – Signature Dish (Medium) fresh coriander and herbs chicken curried $15.90
Rogan Josh (Mild) diced lamb cooked in onion gravy $13.90
Lamb-Do-Piaza (Medium) tomato & onion based gravy $14.90
Lamb Bhoona (Medium) sautéed tomato – cashew nuts & spring onion $15.90
Beef Mushroom (Mild) beef cooked with fresh mushrooms $15.90
Chilli Beef (Hot) spicy beef cooked with dry chilli and capsicum $14.90
Fish Bengal Masala (Mild) simmered with tomatoes – capsicum & eggplant $17.90
Kerala Fish Curry (Mild) coconut based South Indian costal speciality $17.90
Goan Green Fish – Signature Dish (Hot) spicy mint yoghurt base with green chilli $18.90
Prawn Masala (Medium) prawn cooked with fresh tomato & capsicum $18.90
Prawn Malai prawns cooked in mild coconut sauce $18.90
Prawn Vindaloo (Hot) hot goan speciality $18.90
Palak Paneer (Mild) V cottage cheese cooked in spinach puree $13.90
Potato Curry (Mild) V potato cooked with onions – tomatoes & garlic $10.90
Mixed Vegetable (Mlid) V vegetables cooked with fresh herbs & spices $12.90
Mixed Vegetable Korma V vegetables cooked with creamy cashew sauce $12.90
Pumpkin Masala (Mild) V pumpkin gently cooked in vegetable gravy $12.90
Paneer Mushroom Sabji (Mild) V cottage cheese – fresh mushrooms & peas curry $13.90
Aloo Matter (Mild) V potato & peas cooked in onion & tomato sauce $11.90
Dal (Mild) V yellow lentils simmered with herbs $11.90
Malai Kofta V cheese & potato balls prepared in creamy sauce $12.90
Eggplant Aloo (Mild) V eggplant & potatoes cooked in onion sauce $11.90
Khumb Mattar (Mild) V mushroom & peas cooked in lightly spiced sauce $12.90
Aloo Palak (Mild) V potato cooked in spinach based sauce $11.90
Kadi Paneer (Medium) cottage cheese variety $13.90
Paneer Tikka Masala (Medium) cottage cheese variety with capsicum and onions $13.90
Saffron RiceReg $3.90 L $5.60
Coconut Rice coconut mustard seeds & curry leaves $6.90
Peas Pulao green peas & herbs $6.90
Kashmir Pulao assorted fruits & nuts $6.90
Vegetable Chawal rice cooked with non curried mixed vegetable $8.90
Biryani rice cooked & flavoured with a variety of spices & garmished with coriander leaves $11.90
NAAN “INDIAN BREAD” (WITH GLUTEN) leavened bread of the North-West Indian subcontinent – from our classic charcoal fired clay oven
Naan plain four Indian bread $2.60
Fresh Garlic Naan$3.60
Roti a whole meal unleavened bread $2.60
Paratha whole meal bread layered with butter $3.60
Masala Kulcha naan filled with potatoes – peas & cheese $4.50
Keema Naan naan stuffed with lightly spiced minced lamb $5.50
Paneer Naan naan stuffed with cottage cheese and coriander $4.50
Kashmiri Naan naan filled with dry fruits and nuts $4.50
Milan Gourment Naan stuffed with spicy chicken tikka – fresh coriander – green chillies & chopped onions $6.50
DESSERTS gluten free except gulab jamun
Gulab Jamun dumplilngs lightly fried & soaked in clove & cardamom syrup $3.90
Kulfi pistachio Indian ice-cream $3.90
Mango Ice cream$4.90
Milan's Mithai combination of Indian desserts $8.90
Indian Lassi$4.50
Soft DrinksCan $2.501.25 L $4.50
750ml International Sparkling Water$4.90

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