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Entrée (Gluten free except Samosa)

Vegetable Samosas (2 pcs.)Pyramid shaped homemade pastry delightfully filled with potatoes, peas and Indian spices.$7.90
Pakora Mixed Flavors (2 mini pcs. each flavors)Spinach, onion and Potato with cottage cheese fritters.$7.90
Onion Bhaji (6 mini pcs.)Onion Fritters made with a lentil batter mildly spiced.$7.90
Sikandari RaanBoneless tender lamb pieces marinated and cooked in a mixture of Kashmiri spices. Chef’s specialty.(E) $17.90   (M) $27.90

Tandoor “The Great Indian Barbecue

(From Our Classic Charcoal Fired Clay Oven)

(All Entrées are served with homemade authentic Indian Mint Sauce and Tamarind chutney for dipping)
Fresh Woodland MushroomsFresh Juicy Mushrooms matured in marinade of ginger, garlic, yoghurt and blend of spices & baked in tandoor(E) $11.90 (M) $16.90
Tandoori GobiFresh cauliflower marinated and cooked in the tandoor.(E)  $10.90 (M) 15.90
Seekh-KebabFine lamb mince mixed with ground spices, chopped ginger, garlic & fresh coriander, Rolled on a skewer & roasted in tandoor. (E) $13.90(M) $19.90
Lazziz Paslia (Lamb Chops)Premium Lamb cutlets marinated in exotic spices overnight and charcoal grilled. Served on bed of salad.  (E) $18.90(M) $27.90
Chicken TikkaTender Morsels of boneless chicken, marinated in yoghurt and exotic spices, cooked to perfection in the Tandoori oven(E) $12.90(M) $18.90
Muglai Tandoori ChickenA world renowned dish. Whole chicken marinated        in Yoghurt and “Muglai” spices.   (Half) $13.90 (Full) $19.90
Milan Gourmet Mixed Sizzler PlatterAn assortment of selected Gourmet Tandoori Dishes.$29.80
Fish TikkaMorsels of Rockling fish, lightly seasoned and Marinated in chef’s own recipe and cooked in the Tandoor.(E) $17.90 (M) $25.90
Tandoori PrawnsSucculent prawns marinated in a blend of exotic Indian spices and gently cooked in Tandoor.(E) $18.90 $(M) 27.90

(All Entrées are served with homemade authentic Indian Mint Sauce and Tamarind chutney for dipping)




Mixed RaitaGrated Cucumber and carrot mixed with yoghurt and spices.  $4.90
Tandoori Pappadam with dipsSpecial Tandoor baked crispy thin lentil crackers.  $3.90
Kachumber (Indian Salad)Chopped cucumbers, onions and tomatoes served on bed of fresh leafy salad with twist of lemon and exotic spices. $6.90
Home style Pickle / ChutneySweet mango chutney, Mixed pickle, Lime PickleEach. $3.90

Main Course (All Gluten free) 

Murg (Chicken)

Butter Chicken (Mild)An internationally accepted tandoor roasted chicken tikka cooked in tomato and cream sauce. Topped with cream.$18.90
Chicken Tikka Masala (Medium)Chicken Tikka cooked in a tangy tomato and yoghurt based sauce with capsicum onions ginger and spices. Garnished with tomato and coriander.$19.90
Chicken Korma (Mild)Chicken pieces prepared in coconut and cashew nut based sauce. $18.90
Chicken Saagwala (Medium)Boneless chicken cooked with fresh creamy spinach sauce, topped with cream and ginger. $18.90
Chicken Curry  (Medium)Traditional curry. Garnished with fresh coriander and ginger.$17.90
Chicken Kali Mirch Black Pepper Chicken (Spicy)Chicken pieces cooked with chef’s special black pepper sauce authentic south Indian style.$19.90
Murg Milan- Signature Dish (Mild, Medium or Spicy)Boneless chicken cooked to perfection in clay pot and mixed with fresh mushrooms in spicy gravy, delicately finished with fresh herbs. Taste of India.$25.90

Gosht (Lamb)

Rogan Josh (Medium)Diced lamb cooked in onion gravy garnished with fresh coriander. A famous Kashmiri dish. $18.90
Lamb Saagwala (Mild or Medium)Diced lamb cooked with fresh spinach tempered with cumin seeds. Garnished with fresh ginger and cream.$19.90
Lamb Korma (Mild)Tender pieces of spring lamb prepared in cashew nut gravy with a touch of pistachio.$18.90
Lamb-Do-Piaza (Medium)Diced Lamb cooked in tomato and onion gravy served with capsicum and onion.$18.90
Lamb Bhoona (Medium)Diced lean lamb tossed with spring onions and finished with chef’s own flair. Topped with fresh coriander. $18.90
Lamb Vindaloo (Hot)The hot Goan specialty. An all time favorite.$19.90
Village Style Lamb Curry – Signature Dish (Mild, Medium or Hot)Traditional curry cooked in clay pot home style with personal touch.Indian Magic.$25.90



Beef Madras (Medium)Lean cubes of beef cooked in south Indian spices. Tempered with fresh curry leaves and mustard seeds. Topped with coconut. $18.90
Beef Mushrooms (Medium)Cubes of Succulent Beef cooked with fresh mushrooms and garnished with fresh coriander.$19.90
Beef Korma (Mild)Diced beef prepared in coconut and cashew nut based sauce. Topped with coconut.$17.90
Chili Beef (Hot)Diced beef sautéed in onion ginger and garlic. Tempered with dry, hot chili and touch of fresh tamarind juice. Hot delight. Garnished with fresh coriander.  $18.90
Beef Masala (Medium)Premium diced beef prepared with capsicum and onions, spiced with warm spices. Garnished with fresh tomato and coriander.  $17.90
Beef Vindaloo (Hot)Beef cooked with hot Vindaloo sauce. Goan style topped with fresh coriander.$18.90
Village Style Beef Curry – Signature DishTraditional curry cooked in clay pot home style. Flavor of India.$25.90


Samundary Khana (Sea food)

Fish Bengal Masala Calcutta style (Medium)Rockling fish simmered in fresh tomatoes, capsicum and egg plant.$21.90
Fish Korma (Mild)Pieces of rockling fish fillet cooked in a mild almond sauce finished with cream.$21.90
Goan “Green” Fish Curry (Spicy)Fillet of fish cooked with flavors of fresh green chili combined with authentic flavors of superior spices from Goa$22.90
Prawn Masala (Medium)Prawns cooked with fresh tomato and capsicum. $20.90
Mirchi Prawns (Spicy)Prawns sautéed in onion, ginger, green chili and garlic. Tempered with dry, hot chili and touch of fresh tamarind juice.$21.90
Prawn Malai (Mild)Prawns cooked in coconut and onion gravy. Flavor is enhanced with poppy seeds and saffron, topped with fresh coriander. $21.90
Prawn Vindaloo (Hot)Hot Goan specialty. An all time favorite. 21.90
Traditional Kerala Fish Curry (Mild, Medium or Spicy)Rockling Fish fillet cooked in traditional earthen pot with its very own special sauce, subtly blended with piquant spices. South Indian29.80

Sabzi Bazar (Vegetarian)

Mix Sabzi in Clay potTraditional Village style mixed vegetable curry. Best of vegetarian.$19.90
Aloo Gobi (Medium)The Indian favorite potato and cauliflower semi dry dish.$14.90
Aloo Palak(Medium)Potatoes and spinach cooked in tomato and onion sauce.$13.90
Potato Curry (Medium)Potatoes cooked with onions, tomatoes and garlic.$12.90
Mixed Vegetable Korma (Mild)Fresh mixed vegetables cooked with fresh herbs and spices.$14.90
Pumpkin Masala (Medium)Cubes of butter nut pumpkin gently cooked in a vegetable gravy.$14.90
Aloo Mattar (Medium)Potatoes and peas cooked in tomato and onion sauce.$13.90
Dal(Yellow Lentils) (Medium) / Dal Makhani (Mild)Lentils soaked overnight and simmered with exotic herbs. $13.90
Malai Kofta (Mild)Cheese and potato balls prepared in a mild sauce.$15.90
Eggplant Aloo (Medium)Pan fried eggplant and potato cooked in home made onion sauce. $14.90
Khumb Mattar (Medium)Sautéed mushroom and peas cooked in a lightly spiced sauce. $15.90
Palak Paneer (Medium)Vegetarian’s delight. Indian cottage cheese cubes in a smooth saffron flavored spinach puree, delicately finished with fresh herbs.$15.90
Kadai Paneer (Medium)cottage cheese cubes cooked with capsicums and tomato.$15.90
Shahi Paneer (Mild)cottage cheese cubes cooked in cashew nut sauce $16.90


Chawal (Rice)

Saffron RicePremium Basmati Rice cooked with a dash of saffron   (Large)    $7.90(Std)    $5.90
Coconut RiceBasmati rice prepared with grated coconut and mustard seeds.$8.90
Peas PulaoBasmati rice prepared with green peas and herbs.$8.90
Vegetable ChawalBasmati rice cooked with non curried mixed vegetables.$12.90
Kashmiri PulaoBasmati rice cooked with assorted nuts and dry fruits.$9.90
Chicken BiryaniTender chicken pieces cooked with basmati rice over a slow fire with nuts & spices , Hyderabad style.$15.90
Lamb BiryaniTender pieces of lamb cooked with basmati rice over a slow fire with mint, nuts & spices, Lucknow style.$16.90
Fresh Vegetable BiryaniFresh mixed vegetables cooked with basmati rice over a slow fire with herbs & spices, South Indian style.$14.90


Naan “Bread”(With Gluten)

Leavened bread of the North-west Indian Subcontinent

From Our Classic Charcoal Fired Clay Oven

Plain Butter Naan $3.50
Kadak NaanCrispy butter Free Naan.$3.90
Fresh Garlic NaanButter naan baked with fresh garlic.  $3.90
Tandoori RotiWholemeal Flour Indian bread.     $3.50
Kadak RotiCrispy butter Free Indian bread.$3.90
ParathaWholemeal Tandoori Roti layered with butter.   $4.90
Masala kulchaPlain flour bread filled with potatoes, onions, green peas, paneer, Coriander and baked in tandoor.     $5.90
Keema NaanNaan stuffed with lightly spiced minced Lamb.     $6.90
Paneer NaanNaan stuffed with Home made cottage cheese and chopped coriander  $5.90
Kashmiri NaanNaan filled with dry fruits, nuts & Coconut. A Kashmir delight    $5.90
Milan Gourmet Naan – SpicyChicken Tikka with fresh coriander, green chili & chopped onions.$7.90


Mithai (Desserts)

(All Gluten free except Gulab Jamun)

Gulab JamunFull cream milk dumplings, lightly fried and soaked in rose water, sugar syrup, garnished with pistachio and coconut.$6.90
KulfiIndian version of Ice cream prepared with milk and nuts blended with cream, garnished with rose syrup and pistachio. $6.90
Mango Ice cream $6.90
Milan’s Mithai $11.90


Tea / Coffee

CoffeeEspresso, Cappuccino, Latte, Flat white, Short Black, Long Black, Hot Chocolate.  $3.90
Classic Indian Fresh Masala Chai$4.50
International TeaPepper Mint, Lemon & Ginger, Jasmine, Earl Gray, Green Tea, Camomile$3.50


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